Construction of industrial,
commercial and civil buildings.

COSPE is specialized in the construction field. It offers companies and private clients its expertise for real estate projects throughout the Italian territory. From groundwork to the last finishing, COSPE builds from scratch and renovates all types of commercial, industrial and civil buildings.


Its highly qualified technical staff follows every step of the construction, from the design to the supervision of the works up to the selection of suppliers for materials and equipment. The staff is constantly updated in order to ensure full compliance with safety regulations.

Maintenance -
When the job's done, we're just getting started.

COSPE's activity does not end with the delivery of the real estate units, but continues with a relevant after work and maintenance service, thus becoming a continuous reference point for its customers. The company boasts important maintenance contracts with large groups belonging to the commercial, industrial, logistic and hotel sectors, and intervenes both on plants of its own construction and for third party clients.

The ability to operate in such an articulated and complex business, allows COSPE to expand its range of action and to strengthen its competitive position on the national market.

direct employees
operating days per year

COSPE’s values


You never compromise on quality. It is the key factor in every project, and the only one that can truly determine its success.


When the supply chain is optimized, there is no waste. We operate according to established procedures and policies that maximize the working day.


Safety is the condition without which a construction site cannot be started. It is the basis for work carried out in compliance with regulations, the workers’ health and the surrounding environment.


Discretion and confidentiality describe the behaviour that must be adopted before, during and after the construction, because the customers’ privacy must always be respected, whatever one’s role is